Zeggys Help Center – Pricing
  • Delivery charges ?

    Delivery charges are calculated based upon your 'deliver to' distance from the store of interest. Some stores offer free delivery with minimum purchase.

  • Zeggys Coupons ?

    Our coupons can be applied during your check out process.

  • Taxes and fees ?

    Some products do carry sales tax and will be clearly stated during the checkout process.

  • How Are Produce Charged

    All fresh produce are charged by weight unless sold in each. The price on the website are estimated prices and the actual charges will be reflected when the product is picked and shipped. Please expect roughly 15-30% more in prices due to difference in weight.

  • How Meat & Fish Products Are Charged

    Meat and Fish products are charged by weight. The product you order online are approximate weight. It is very difficult to cut meat and fish products to exact weight. The actual weight is updated at the time of packing and shipping. Please expect -10% to 40% in price difference.