Zeggys Help Center – Ordering
  • Can I order from multiple stores?

    Yes, certainly. If there are multiple stores available in your zip-code then you can order from more than one store.

  • How do I place an order?

    Log in to your Zeggys account and from the home screen enter your residence zip code to find the stores in your area. 1. Select a store to order from 2. Add items to cart and proceed to check out 3. If items are not replaceable, toggle the replaceable option 4. Select delivery address, delivery date and delivery time window 5. Apply any coupons if any, and if you have wallet credit in your account, it will be auto applied. 6. Pay with Credit Card 7. Your order will be processed accordingly. 8. Sit back & relax

  • Finding your products ?

    You can search your products by category or by our search bar. If you need an item but cannot find it, send us an email and we will work to get the product available sooner?

  • How do i add items to my cart ?

    For best results, download the latest version of the InstaGoLocal app for iOS or Android. You can add to cart an item or by clicking the product to view details. The item will immediately be in your shopping Cart.

  • How to order from more than one store ?

    You are welcome to shop from multiple stores when placing an order. During your online search, switch between stores to locate and add items to your cart. Here’s how: In the app: While browsing, tap the zipcode at the top of the screen Tap change store You’ll be taken to the store’s landing page. Browse and search for your desired store. Go back to the original store as desired using the same method. On a computer: While browsing, click the zipcode in the top left of the page Click change store You’ll be taken to the store’s landing page. Browse and search your desired store. Toggle back to the original store as desired using the same method.

  • Report incorrect information on an item listing ?

    If you come across any item listing in our online catalog that contains incorrect information, please let us know by sending us an email with the product info and the error. We will work to keep the products updated.

  • Reviewing your cart ?

    Select the shopping cart option while shopping to review your cart . At check out, you will also be able to review your cart before making the final purchase.

  • Add instructions to items ?

    If you prefer your bananas a little green or your meat cut in a specific way, you can add instructions to items in your order. Your shopper will see these instructions during shopping. Where you can add item instructions: On the checkout page: Once you submit the address, delivery window, enter the specific Instructions for the products.

  • Replacement items ?

    Though our catalog team works diligently to provide the most up to date item information, we can’t guarantee that an item will be in stock at the store. We offer the option to replace or refund out of stock items, which you can manage when placing your order. Any items added to your cart will default to Replace with best match. With this option, the shopper on your order is prompted to select the best possible replacement for your out of stock item. However, if you specify that an item is not replaceable and if the items are not available, you will not be charged for that product. The replaceable toggle is available in you shopping cart summary beside each products.

  • How to view Order Status ?

    Tap into My account and tap My Orders.

  • Cancelling an Order ?

    You can cancel your delivery for a full refund with no additional fees, up until we start shopping for your order. To cancel your order: To cancel, go to your Accounts and tap on My Orders. On the top left of your order, there will be a cancel option. Click and confirm cancellation. Any cancellation when order is has moved beyond processing status (packing, packed, in-transit, arriving, delivered) will incur a re-stocking fee subject to a 30 percentage of the total order value or a flat fee of $20 whichever is higher.

  • How to report an issue with my order ?

    In your order history in My Accounts, you will have a button on the on the top right of your order where you can report an issue. We will contact you as soon as possible.

  • I see multiple charges on my credit card for a single order?

    When a shopper attempts to pick items some items are removed or replaced due to items not meeting our quality standards or if items are out of stock. Your final shopping cart will change accordingly and you will only be charged for what has been finally delivered. However, since we need to release all previous payments, you might see multiple pending charges which will automatically drop off your pending charges. Period where the payment drops off varies bank to bank and you should contact them for further details.

  • I need to add more items to my cart, but i have already checked out?

    . There are a few ways you can do update your order. 1. Edit your order from your account page. You can only edit products as long as the shopper has not started packing your order. Meaning your order status is NOT Started/In-Transit a. Sign in to InstaGOlocal b. Click on My Account c. Click on My Orders d. On your order you will see a button for edit order. e. Click on it and start editing your order and follow the instructions. 2. You can reach out to our chat service and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

  • What is the new referred customer minimum?

    You would need to spend a minimum of $35 in order to use the $20 coupon.

  • How does the referral coupon work?

    When you send a referral link to your friend, it will contain a coupon code they can use. The coupon code must be applied during checkout. Further, the referred friend should use link sent to complete the purchase. In this way, the referrer will also get a coupon. We use a 3rd party system to automate this process for us. Further, our current referral is 20% off a $50 purchase value for the referrer and for the referred a 20% off a $35 purchase value.

  • How do I add notes to shopper?

    You could do that by typing in the order notes found in my cart page. When you click on the top right cornier of the shopping cart, it opens a My cart page where you would see order notes and you can add any notes for the shopper.