Zeggys Help Center – How Zeggys Works
  • How do I report issues with the order?

    From the "Contact Us" option you can send us your query and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

  • Who does the shopping?

    Golocal shoppers are there to fulfill your orders. They are regular shoppers who have an eye for quality. They will look at each of your products carefully to make sure, packaging is intact and sealed, items are not expired, produce and meat are fresh and much more. This means you will always get a shopping bag full of freshness!

  • Where are the serviceable areas?

    We are growing to deliver to many cities. To check if we deliver to your area: 1. Enter you zip code from Instagolocal Homepage. Interested in getting Instagolocal to your area, just reach out to us in the Contact-us section and we will bring our services to you sooner.

  • What are the delivery hours ?

    Our delivery windows start as early as 10 am and run as late as midnight, depending on your local store hours. Delivery hours are subject to store operating hours, including holidays.

  • How to create a Zeggys Account ?

    You can create an account at anytime. Just click on the sign in and click on Create account. All you need is a valid email address and your phone number where we will send a activation code for verification. After successful verification, you are all set.

  • What is the Zeggys Cash/Wallet ?

    This is our rewards credit that we give you as you shop with us. This is our way to thank you. These credits will be auto applied to your checkout. However, you will not be able to cash the Instagolocal Cash/Wallet at anytime. It is only to be used when you are shopping in Instagolocal.

  • Do you deliver to Offices ?

    Yes we deliver to your office. You can add multiple addresses tour profile. These details will help us deliver packages to your office. Your building/floor/suite information • Name and phone number for the delivery contact (if different than the account number and/or name on account) • On-site or nearby parking information • Security requirements for building or parking entry We also recommend you alert your security/desk agent/loading dock security before delivery.

  • How to become a Golocal Shopper ?

    We’re always looking for new additions to the Golocal shopper community. If you love grocery shopping, have a smartphone and reliable transportation and an eye for quality, sign up here!

  • How is my credit card processed ?

    Please visit https://stripe.com/ for more info.

  • What is my list or the icon on the top right of the product ?

    Well, its an easy way to add products by creating a list. As soon as the products are added to your list, they can be edited or updated at any time. The next time just view the list and add the list to your shopping cart in just a few clicks.This saves you your time. And remember, Instagolocal's goal is to return you back your precious time to do what maters most.

  • What is OTP?

    OTP is One-Time PIn code that will be sent to your mobile phone which can receive sms. This pin will be used for verification during signing in or creating account in !nstagolocal.

  • While creating an account, i entered a number that does not receive sms. What do i do?

    No problem. No account is created till you validate your phone number. Just close your browser and open a fresh browser and repeat the creating of account process with the number that receives sms.

  • I cannot add my address?

    We require that while adding address select the address provided by google suggestions in the address box. Make sure you have added name field . The apartment field is optional for those who do not have an apartment number.

  • How are my items stored for delivery?

    We only pack items and process them fresh and close to delivery. All items are packed in special thermal bags and kept in coolers till dispatched. During transit, the delivery vehicle is also temperature controlled to retain the freshness till you receive it at your doorstep. We seek to maintain quality of every items we pick and deliver so you only receive the best.

  • How does Zeggys referral program works?

    When you refer a friend, you will receive $20 when your friend makes a purchase via your individual link you referred with. They will also receive a $20 coupon which can be applied at the point of check out. You will receive your $20 coupon on your email approximately 2 days after your friend completes a purchase which you can apply to your subsequent order.

  • I referred my friend and received a coupon, but it does not work?

    You would need to spend a minimum of $50 in order to use the $20 coupon.