Zeggys Help Center – Delivery
  • Food safety and quality ?

    Safety and quality are our top priority and hence, our golocal shoppers are aware of maintaining such standards and expecting from each of our store partners the same. If any product does not meet our standards, we would reject it and we will make sure the item is replaced with the proper quality or a refund of that item. We are also working to create our own food safety program that will be used to further educate golocal shoppers.

  • Receiving your delivery ?

    Golocal shoppers will attempt to hand the delivery over to you, however, if you are not available to receive them in your delivery address, they will leave it at a convenient location. If you have a container where you need the delivery to be dropped off, let the golocal shopper know via the order notes during check out.

  • How do I add/edit my delivery Address?

    You can add your delivery address via the website or App. Website: 1. Log in to your account 2. Click My Account in the top right side of the web page 3. Click on My Addresses 4. Add / Edit Address from there. App: 1. Login to you account 2. Click on the sandwich icon on the top left or swipe screen from left to right. 3. From the Slide Bar select My Addresses. 4. Add address by clicking on add '+' 5. Edit address by clicking the pen icon on the address you wish to edit.

  • I received my order but some of the items are not picked?

    Shoppers always attempts to pick all the items you ordered. However, due to products that do not meet our rigorous quality standards or when the product goes out of stock at the store, can cause the shopper to not be able pick those items. We try to keep the inventory as updated as possible. Rest assured if an item is replaceable, the shopper will try to match the item but with a different brand. The shopper will also attempt to call you if the shopper needs further guidance from you. At the end, you will only pay for what has been picked of the products you ordered or requested. We would encourage you to always double check your received items. Our support team can be reached via chat 24/7 if you have any issues.